Putting your home up for sale in spring

  • Posted: Sep 15, 2016
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Putting your home up for sale in spring

All estate agents and home experts agree that the warmer weather of spring is the perfect time to put your home up for sale. This is because you can really show off your home to its absolute best.

You can throw back the curtains and let plenty of natural light and sunshine in. Airing rooms to ensure no funny little smells linger is easy when the days are longer and warmer. Your garden will look great with everything in bloom. It’s also easier to get out and do all of those quick fixes you wanted to make to your home when the weather got nicer.

Clean up the front entrance

You’ve probably heard many an estate agent talk about ‘curb appeal’. This is industry talk for the first impression that your home gives. It’s essential that this is not only good, but really inviting to potential buyers.

Take some time to spruce up your front entrance by cleaning the paving, giving the walls a new coat of paint and even getting a new doormat. Pot plants in the front entrance are always a good idea as they add life to the space and show that you care about every aspect of your home. Just make sure that the plants match the rest of your décor and don’t over power the door.

put your home up for sale in spring

Pack away your winter layers

In winter, it’s lovely to have thick curtains hanging on the windows, fluffy rugs on the floor and warm throws over couches. In spring, however, these are just unnecessary clutter – especially if you’re putting your home on show.

Too many layers of fabrics in a room can make the space look a lot smaller than it really is. Before you put your home on show pack away all of your extra throws, change your curtains to lighter options and put away anything that makes a room feel full.

put your home up for sale in springGet professional photos taken

Shopping online for homes has become very popular and quite simple. Most estate agents will have virtual tours of properties on their websites. There are also numerous online portals where private sellers and agents can list properties. If you want to get people to come and physically see your home, it’s essential to make a good showing online.

The best way to do this is to pay a professional photographer to take photos. They can help you style your home to its best advantage. They’ll also be able to light the rooms properly for camera so that your home ends up looking like it came out of a magazine.


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