Renovate your bathroom on a budget to boost the value of your home

  • Posted: Mar 04, 2018
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Renovate your bathroom on a budget to boost the value of your home

One of the biggest factors that determine the value of your home is the bathroom. By adding some style to your bathroom you’ll add heaps of value too. The challenge for many sellers is how to upscale any room in their home without breaking the bank. We take the mystery out of it with a few tips to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

Shower heads

By simply changing your shower head, you can substantially improve the look and experience of your shower. Those “rain” shower heads exude luxury but they really aren’t all that expensive. The same can be said about multi-setting shower heads. Consider replacing that old shower head with a more modern one.

renovate your bathroom


Make this your mantra: Light and bright! The most appealing look to buyers is the classic white bathroom. It’s timeless and it’s easier for would-be buyers to project their personal style onto a blank canvas when viewing the room. It also makes a smaller bathroom appear bigger.

Second sink

If your bathroom is large enough, consider adding a second sink. It’s an excellent time-saver for families or couples since two people can wash up at the same time. Basins and sinks are not as expensive as people might think and they usually share the water supply and drain pipes.

renovate your bathroom

It’s all about the lighting

Bathrooms that are light and spacious are winners with buyers. If there is not enough light, you can try replacing a single pendant with a triple halogen spotlight unit, or a tubular skylight. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to keep your walls neutral. Add a mirror or two to make the space appear larger and brighter. If your bathroom has tiny windows, install an extractor fan for ventilation.

Update the fixtures

It doesn’t take a big investment to update faucets, towel racks and vanities. They may seem insignificant to a seller but these details make a big difference. Bear in mind that you don’t need to buy new. Search second hand sites like Gumtree or OLX for items like mirrors, sinks, toilets and more. It will save you tons of cash when remodeling, and it’s a more environmentally conscious choice to recycle used goods.

If you need more advice on renovating your bathroom, read our useful guide here.

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