Romance in the bedroom

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Romance in the bedroom

Only you can determine the mood of your bedroom.

Colour therapy
Colour has an amazing effect on our moods and also on how we feel. That is why it is extremely important to ensure that the colour you choose for yourbedroom is perfect. Warm neutral colours like red, green and blue will work well in the bedroom. Red is a very passionate colour and will also evoke that kind of mood, whilst blue and green are more calming and relaxing. Green is also associated with fertility and growth within the marriage and a good choice to be used in moderation. The problem is that red can also lead to aggression, so if you do decide to incorporate this colour into your bedroom, do it moderately by adding a red comforter or pillows and not by paintingyour walls red as this could be too much. White or beige is ideal colours for your walls, as this will go well with any other colour that you choose. Do not choose colours like yellow (which can lead to great irritation and nervousness) or pink (which may make the man in your life feel uncomfortable).

Dimmers and candles
One of the easiest ways to establish a romantic mood in the bedroom is with effective lighting methods. Although a bright light generally makes us feel happier, it is not exactly going to set a romantic feeling in the bedroom. The lighting in your bedroom should be muted and cosy in comparison with the rest of your home. This effect can be established by bedside lamps withmuted lampshades (that complement the rest of your décor) and lower wattage bulbs, dimmer switches that will enable you to set the mood by adjusting the brightness or coloured lights (like lava lamps) that can help to create a specific mood – coloured bulbs can also be used to create this effect. Another option is by adding permanent candle holders (ensure that you put it where it is safe) to your room and to always ensure that they are equipped with candles. Nothing can set a more romantic mood, than good old fashioned candlelight.

Sooth the senses
Another big secret when it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, is to ensure that the scent / smell of your bedroom is pleasing to both parties. Scented candles are a good and subtle way to add fragrance to your room. Insense can also be used, but ensure that this is done in moderation, because if the scent is too strong it might be distracting and lead to a headache. An Airwick (from Glade) air freshening device is also a good idea to keep your room smelling fresh and romantic.

Add some personal touch to your bedroom with you favourite décor items. Hang your favourite prints or photos in unusual frames; place a vase containing fresh flowers on your bedside tables; or display sculptures and figurines that reflect your personality and feelings. A nice, soft and expensiverug can make a huge difference to your bedroom and is also a very inviting décor prop. Don’t go overboard on room accessories, as clutter is not romantic. Avoid décor items or prints that are to bright and colourful as this might lead to distraction.

The most important piece of furniture in your home is most definitely your bed. One tends to forget the important part it plays in your day-to-day life. If your bed is not comfortable, you will not be able to sleep well – which will be damaging to your health – and it will most certainly kill the romance in your room as well. Choose a nice and firm mattress that will last a long time, add a headboard and bedside tables that do not have sharp edges that can hurt you easily. You can also try to lower your bed in order to make you feel closer to the ground. Do not choose a bed or any other furniture pieces that are too big and can make the room feel cluttered. Add a nice, comfortable sofa to your bedroom for a cosy effect and a dressing board to add a bit of mystery and playfulness.

Soul music
No romantic setting is complete without the right piece of music playing in the background. The trick is not to make your radio system too visible, but to make it blend in with the rest of the room. Try hiding the speakers in strategic places like behind the headboard or on top of your pelmets and cover the sound system with a scarf. Remember not to put the music too loud, as this will only lead to distraction. Also choose calming music – preferably without words.

Window covering also plays an important role in the bedroom. Curtains are your protective barrier against the outside world as it ensures privacy and will also have an effect on the lighting in your room. Choose heavy curtains inneutral colours for your bedroom windows. The colour of your curtains should complement the rest of your bedroom otherwise it will lead to distraction. Always remember to properly close the curtains when you are trying to establish a romantic mood, as even the tiniest gap can spoil the mood and you never know who might be peeking through …

Touch of class
Just the best quality sheets and bedding is good enough for your bedroom. Choose pure cotton or luxurious silk sheets and pillow cases in neutral, solid colours or patterns that can enhance the mood and convey your personal style. Top your bed with a comforter, duvet, or feather blanket for dramatic effect and to set the tone in your bedroom. No bed can be deemed romantic without lots of pillows. You’ll want to use a mix of pillow sizes and shapes.

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