Simple ways to stop your kitchen looking cluttered

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2018
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Simple ways to stop your kitchen looking cluttered

With the kitchen so often being the heart of the modern home, a lot can go on in the room – kids doing homework, cooking and baking for the family, and even a command centre to keep everyone organised. This can mean that the space becomes cluttered, messy and disorganised with ease. In order to stop your kitchen looking cluttered, we’ve come up with a few helpful tips for you to follow.

Look at what you have stuck to your fridge

Your fridge can be a major focal point in the kitchen. If you cover the door with lists, magnets and pictures, you can end up making the whole room feel messy.

It’s easy for your fridge door to become layered with family pictures, drawings from your children, shopping lists, memos to your spouse and take away menus – to name a few. On top of that, the actual magnets can become cluttered and chaotic as you get given gifts or pick them up on travels.


To counter this chaos, try to keep things ordered. Divide the door into sections and have only the most recent or most important items on display. You can then create pockets with plastic sleeves for take away menus and other items you want close but not cluttering up the room. These can be stuck to the side of the fridge rather than being front and centre.

Have only regularly used items on your counters

There’s a careful balance that you should be aiming for on your kitchen counters. Having too much on the counters can get messy. Too little on them can lead to just one appliance making a “mess” of the room. Bare counters can also make the kitchen feel unwelcoming or unused – a bit too much like a magazine photograph rather than the space that your family gathers in.

Neat kitchen counters stops it from looking cluttered


Plan how much space you need for cooking prep and dishing up meals, as well as room for people to sit at the counters if they do in your kitchen. Then you can see what you space you have for regularly used appliances, crockery and cutlery. Keeping these within easy reach, will make life a lot simpler.

Neat kitchen counters


Keep your drawers and cupboards neat

In an effort to keep counters clean, your kitchen cupboards and drawers tend to get over stuffed. Hiding the mess might be a quick fix when you have guests coming round, but it isn’t a good long-term solution. Just knowing that the mess is waiting for you every time you open the cupboard door can make the whole room feel cluttered all the time.

Take the time to organise your cupboards and drawers, and you’ll have a much calmer and neater space.



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