Spring clean your bedroom

  • Posted: Sep 20, 2016
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Spring clean your bedroom

A bedroom is a sanctuary and it really needs to be properly looked after from time to time. If you’re going to spring clean anywhere in your home this year, we think you should start with your bedroom.

Pull the furniture away from the walls

Bedrooms can have a lot of large, heavy furniture in them that doesn’t get moved very often. This means that dust is likely building up under, on top of and behind your chest of drawers, dressing table and cupboards. Underneath your bed is also a good hiding place for dirt and dust – and the odd runaway sock.

Pulling your furniture away from the walls definitely requires some teamwork, so rope the whole family in. Be very careful with the heaviest items and take care of your back while moving things.

If this hasn’t been done for a while, get a bucket full of warm soapy water ready and actually wash down the wall behind the item you’ve moved. Then clean off the actual piece of furniture before getting in there with the vacuum cleaner.

Take down the curtains or blinds and wash them

Your curtains or blinds can hold a lot of dust, even if you’re opening and closing them regularly. We highly recommend taking them down once a year and running the fabric sections through the washing machine. Choose a nice hot day for this so that you can get your curtains dry and hung up again before you go to bed. If you have wooden or plastic blinds, give them a good wash in a bucket or in your bath.

Spring clean your curtains

While the curtains or blinds are down, take some time clean the wall behind where they usually hang. You should also inspect the railing for any damage.

Reach up into the ceiling corners looking for cobwebs

Cobwebs can hide in the corners of a room and don’t often get cleaned away. They can also end up leaving marks on your walls thanks to dirt and dust they’ve trapped.

While you’ve got your bucket of soapy water out from moving furniture, get up into the ceiling corners of your bedroom and give them a clean. If the cobwebs are quite big, use a broom or small floor brush to get rid of the strands before you start cleaning.

If you have a ceiling fan, clean the blades and mechanism

It’s not likely that you’ve used your ceiling fan much during the winter months. This means that dust has probably built up in quite a thick layer on the blades. Be sure to get up on a ladder and give them a clean before you switch the fan on – dust flying through your room won’t be fun.

Spring clean your ceiling fan

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Take a moment while you’re up on the ladder to inspect the mechanism too. Clean off the dust, check that it’s well-oiled and have a look for any potential damage. This will go a long way to ensuring that your fan will keep your bedroom cool throughout summer.

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