Summer Gardens are made in Winter

  • Posted: Jul 30, 2019
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Summer Gardens are made in Winter

As we head into the warmer months, it’s time to start thinking about your beautiful spring and summer garden. 

Here are three tips to ensure you have a blooming spring garden.

Put a Stake in it

August winds are not ideal for young trees. Help them to stand tall against the wind by securing them to a steel or wooden stake. Make sure they are secured with enough room as to not damage the bark and check regularly to ensure they have not grown tight.

Sow Summer Seeds

As the weather warms up and the frost disappears you can start sowing seeds into trays. Varieties such as asters, amaranthus, cosmos and marigolds grow well in most regions, provided there is no more frost. These will bring much needed colour to your garden. Group your seedlings according to their water and mulching needs to make watering simpler.


More Garden Mulch

Conserve water and smother emerging weeds by mulching your flower beds. As the days get warmer, the mulch helps regulate the soil temperature and prevent evaporation.


Having a beautiful garden takes time and consistent care. Why not use the long weekend to get it summer ready?

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