How to get the most out of your swimming pool

  • Posted: Aug 26, 2019
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How to get the most out of your swimming pool

Spring is finally here and your swimming pool may already be beckoning you to take a dip. Whether you have already taken a traditional Spring day swim or you are waiting for the water and weather to warm up a bit more, here are five ways to ensure your pool is at its best this season.

Daily Swimming pool Clean

Doing small tasks like clearing leaves from the surface of your pool will stop dirt in its tracks. Scrub the sides of your pool weekly to stop algae build-up and invest in an automatic pool cleaner that will help keep the pool floor clean.

Tennis Anyone?

A simple trick to keep your swimming pool clean is to throw a tennis ball or two into the water. The balls fuzzy exterior will absorb any oils from your skin, hair, suntan oil and sunblock. That means no more oily layer on the top of your pool.

Swimming pool Shock Treatment

Shocking your swimming pool should be done at least twice a season. This is done by raising the chlorine levels much higher than normal to kill any bacteria. It’s the best way to nurse a cloudy pool back to health but should be done in moderation.

Pros know best

Owning a swimming pool is a serious maintenance commitment and you may sometimes need a little professional help. Get your pool checked annually by a professional who can do a thorough clean and make sure the system is in full working order. You can also opt for weekly or monthly pool maintenance to guarantee your pool is sparkly all year round.

Better Luck Next Year

If you don’t already, learn how to winterise your swimming pool. Maintaining your pool during autumn and winter means less work when spring and summer arrive next year. Invest in a quality pool cover to keep debris out and use a water testing kit to ensure the chemical levels are correct. Remove any excess water from the pipes to prevent bacteria growth while the pool is not in use. You’ll thank yourself next year.

Enjoy hours of fun in and around the pool this summer by setting aside a few minutes daily to take care of it.

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