Renovating your Bathroom

  • Posted: Jul 24, 2008
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Renovating your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a little like cars. Compact models condense the basic functions into an economical package. The larger models put a premium on spaciousness and luxury and the mid-of-the-range versions try to balance cost and comfort. As with cars, you generally pay more for a larger bathroom, but you also have more options. Area size, however, isn’t always key; bathrooms of all sizes can be functional and stylish. The challenge is to let your personal preferences drive your design without exceeding the space available and budget limits.

Any bathroom renovation is based on planning and selection of fixtures. On the planning side, you may not have the space for a bath the size of a Hummer, but perhaps you can find the extra space you need to be comfortable. In the same way, your budget may not allow for luxuries such as his and hers steam showers, but standard equipment well-chosen can make a huge difference.


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