Tech Bathrooms

  • Posted: Mar 29, 2019
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Tech Bathrooms

Having a home filled with technology is becoming more reality than dream as companies develop new products that seem to think for themselves. Kitchens and lounges may be the first places that come to mind when it comes to savvy home tech but what about smart bathrooms?

Technological advances for the bathroom have taken on a far more practical approach by being designed to lessen water usage and improve hygiene. Although a talking bath may be entertaining, it is not exactly where bathroom tech is headed yet.

Smart Bathrooms

Solving the age old disagreement in many homes of if the toilet seat and lid should be left up or down, smart toilets now lift and close for you. Using sensors, the toilet lid opens when you come close enough and closes when you walk away. Improving bathroom hygiene, touchless hand sensors are also available so you never have to touch the toilet seat to put it up or down.

Voice Control

Voice control devices are great throughout the home and make streamlining your voice control simple. The most useful feature for the bathroom is being able to control your lighting to suit your mood. Using smart light bulbs lets you decide how light or dark you want your bathroom through simple voice control. Want a relaxing dimly lit bath or bright light for putting on your make-up? It’s just a command away.

There’s an App for That

App controlled digital showers have arrived. Using a phone app or voice control lets you play music through built in speakers, remotely control your shower and personalise the water temperature so it’s always perfect. Digital shower controls also light up so you know when water is at optimum temperature so you never have to jump out of the way of scolding or freezing water again.

Indulgent Gadgets

Technology is not only for hardware, it’s the little things that count too. Unwind while watching your favourite TV show to or catch up with the news thanks to a build in TV. Install a bath-side beverage cooler to indulge in a perfectly chilled glass of wine while you soak away your troubles.

There is already an array of bathroom tech to choose from depending on the level of automation you prefer. As technology changes and improves, a greater range of products is sure to become available. Who knows, maybe in a few years time having a fully automated bathroom will be the norm.

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