Things To Know About Your Roof

  • Posted: Jul 06, 2018
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Things To Know About Your Roof

Just like roofs of old modern roofs offer protection from the elements but in addition they also provide a variety of functions for the home. The advantages of combining all the individual roof components add up to a more durable roof.

The energy-efficient production process and long product life cycle of concrete tiles mean that they have one of the best environmental footprints of all roofing materials. Coverland manufacture a wide variety of concrete tile profiles with accompanying ridge/hip fittings, perfectly suited to for a distinct look. Innovations and the improvement of tile surfaces is their expertise. Coverland’s premium coated tiles, Lumino and Flair, offer a unique vibrant tile colour. The Clay tile rand is a selection of beautiful contemporary and Mediterranean profiles sourced from Europe.

Your roof will affect the indoor climate of your house/building. UV rays penetrate through the roof surface making the interior of the home hot in summer and escapes through the roof in the cooler months. This spikes your electricity for heating and cooling equipment. Coverland Radenshield Aluminium membranes reflect 97% of UV rays while also keeping in the warmth during winter. It reduces indoor temperature by 10°C in summer. Coverland Radenshield is recommended as replacement for standard under tile membranes and is manufactured for residential and industrial use.

One of the most common maintenance problems with roofs are leaks. Roofs commonly leak due to flashing details that weren’t fastened properly during installation, or underperforming material. In South Africa the roof ridge and hip tiles are fixed with mortar that crack causing wind-driven rain to enter into the roof. Maintenance-free ridges are achieved with the waterproof yet breathable Dry Ride rolls, which are mechanically fixed to the roof ridge and hip-lines replacing mortar that cracks and leaks. Coverland EasyFlash abutment rolls are a high performing lead-free alternative to traditional waterproofing for walls-roof junctions.

Extreme wind forces pull at the roof tiles and create pressure differences between the roof space and the outside roof tiles causing unsecured roof tiles to lift. Coverland underlays offer resistance against wind penetration. Nails and storm clips are recommended to secure roof tiles in all parts of South Africa so make sure they are installed as per legislation.

Quality products are essential for the durability of your roof. Excellent performance and ease of use on the roof are vital to the success of their roofing systems. Coverland roofing materials are tested on an ongoing basis at the Group Testing Facility in Germany to ensure that they conform to the relevant quality standards.

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