Tips for making your outdoor space beautiful

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Tips for making your outdoor space beautiful

Your outdoor entertainment area should be as stylish and well thought out as the rest of your home. However, too often this space is neglected or put together as an afterthought. It’s time to take control and create an outdoor space that you’ll love to show off to your guests and want to relax in on lazy afternoons with your family.

Choose a colour scheme

As with any room, your starting point should be the colour scheme. The exterior colour of your home can act as a nice base for you to build upon. Then look to your garden for inspiration for the accent or complimentary colours. Your pool, paving, flower beds, trees and other vegetation are all good sources to draw from. This way, your colour scheme will blend in with its surroundings.

Outdoor colour scheme for your outdoor space

Now that you have your colours, you can start to bring in furniture and other items that match. Additionally, think about adding a motif or design to the walls in the same way you would create a feature point in your living or dining rooms.

Outdoor wall decor for your outdoor space

Get comfortable seating

In order to create an inviting space, comfort is key. Wrought iron garden chairs might look rustic and charming, but without the right cushioning they aren’t always nice to sit on. Additionally, a table that isn’t solid and easy to sit drinks on because it has large open spaces in the surface will get annoying to use.

Think about how you want to use the space. Will you be sitting out there in the afternoon sun having tea? Will you be eating outside whenever you have a braai? Make sure that the furniture you pick is functional for these activities. Then, go the extra mile and make it comfortable with throw pillows and overstuffed cushions.

Comfortable outdoor furniture for your outdoor space

Make a statement with your braai

Every good room design needs a focal point or a statement piece. For your outdoor entertainment area, the natural option is your braai. A built-in braai is a great way to go to make a sleek space.

If you prefer a stand-alone braai, find a way for it to blend with the décor on your patio so that it doesn’t feel like a separate item. Try building a counter or cupboards next to where it stands.

Don’t forget about shade for the outdoor space

If you’re going to be spending lots of time outdoors, then shade is essential. A large pergola with awnings covering it is one of the best ways to go. This kind of stable structure will allow you to shade the area even in weather that isn’t so nice. You can also add drop-down blinds to the pergola for shelter from the wind.

For more flexible shade, try something like sail awnings. They have fun angles that can be layered over your outdoor entertainment area.

Sail awning outdoor shade for your outdoor space

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