Tips On Choosing The Right Winter Bedding

  • Posted: Jun 26, 2018
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Tips On Choosing The Right Winter Bedding

Make sure you’re snug for the rest of the season with our quick guide to selecting the best winter bedding.

The two most widely available options for duvet filling is down and synthetic. Goose and Duck down are natural barriers against cold is the more expensive option but effective in keeping those cold winter nights at bay. If you want a slightly cheaper duvet, opt for synthetic fillings. They tend to be more lightweight than their natural counterparts, so make sure that their rating suitable for cooler temperatures. Hollowfibre is resistant to dust mites making is a good choice for people with allergies. Unfortunately, because of the simple synthetic makeup of hollowfibre, the lifespan of this bedding is relatively small.

Luxury microfibre is is incredibly light and fluffy and feels like down duvets – at a fraction of the cost. Microfibre offers the same features as hollowfibre, but with added softness and heat-retention properties. Both microfibre and hollowfibre can be easily washed and dried at home.

Tog rating
When it comes to duvet inners, the warmth and weight are determined by the tog rating. This is the thermal insulation score for the filling’s ability to trap warm air. For autumn and winter, you’ll want to aim for a tog rating of between 10 and 13.

Thread counts are a simple indication of the quality and durability of a fabric and in general, the higher the thread count, the higher the quality. Good quality fabric isn’t just about durability and how long the sheets will actually last, it is also about how comfortable and soft on the skin it will be. In general, the higher the thread count the better it will feel on your skin; and we all know it is much easier and rewarding to sleep on something soft that caresses the skin rather than something itchy and uncomfortable.

Covers and sheets
Soft, natural fibres such as silk or high thread count cotton are breathable and ideal for winter, because they assist in regulating body temperature and feel smooth and comfortable against the skin. Flannel sheets can get very hot and they don’t get much softer as you wash them. Microfleece is a better alternative to Flannel.

Getting your laundry dry during winter can be a real task. Polyester cotton allow for easier laundering as they can be quickly washed and dried and need no ironing.

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