Titandor – Total peace of mind

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Titandor – Total peace of mind

Titandor makes life a little safer

More and more South Africans today are coming home to find that they have been broken into. Some wake up to an empty space where their beloved flat screen used to be before it was quietly and stealthily removed by a handful of thugs who make a living from taking from others. Unlike Robin Hood, they do not give back to the poor. The thought of some stranger being in your personal space and going through your personal belongings is enough to send shivers up your spine.


Titandor Single

Our short term insurance seems to be a bitter sweet pill nowadays. Think about it, we know we need it because it gives us the peace of mind that if the worst happens, our insurance company will replace the items taken and sometimes even upgrade us on out dated models. Yippee! No wait, stop! Unfortunately, criminals have latched onto that fact as well, and multiple home intrusions have become the order of the day. Imagine that, an endless supply of electronic equipment just ripe for the picking. A look at the Crime Stats for South Africa survey will quickly prove that of all crimes committed in South Africa, burglary and robbery is by far the highest, sitting at an unnerving 47% with theft being second highest at 26% and hijacking at 10%. This survey consisted of 45497 respondents!

Titandor Single

Titandor Fixed Burglar Bar

We cannot deny that we are sitting on a time bomb as far as home intrusions are concerned. So, how do we as South Africans combat this disease? There are a couple of solutions actually, but the one I want to elaborate on is physical security barriers, IE burglar bars and retractable security gates.

There’s no doubt that it is an absolute must have, not only because it will deter criminals but  in addition to your electronic alarm system, it will buy you the precious time you need for armed response and police to arrive. I find that the biggest benefit most new customers experience is the “peace of mind” that one has once your home has been secured.

Total peace with Titandor

Titandor Retractable Security Barriers

Titandor specialises in the manufacture of custom made retractable and fixed physical security barriers that is designed to fit just about any opening in your home. Unlike the old fashioned welded systems that can appear cluttered and out dated, our product look ultramodern, sleek and elegant. They do a great job with blending into the modern home. Titandor believes that although strength is a primary requirement with this type of product, we should not sacrifice good aesthetics in the name of security.

Our products are made from the finest quality materials your money can buy, from high quality cold rolled steel tubing to a luxurious layer of powder coating. Our factory churns out products at a very high rate which means less waiting after you have ordered. More than 50 % of our customers this year got their products installed within 5 working days.  If you have been broken into and require urgent attention, we will speed up the delivery time.

Three basic things you want when making a buying decision:

1) You want a quality product that will not only do the job that you are paying for it to do but last for many years to come.
2) You want to buy from a trustworthy and reputable company that will deliver on their promises.
3) You don’t always want the cheapest price because you get what you pay for, but they also do not want to pay more than they should.

At Titandor we believe that we positively tick all these boxes and this is why we would love for you to contact us.

All of our consultants have a minimum of 10 years of experience in this very specialised industry. They are people that you can talk to and engage with about your needs and security concerns. You can be assured that our goal is your safety and not simply, “making the sale”.  Most households today have both spouses working which is why we are happy to come out to you after hours and on Saturdays. We service the whole of Gauteng so check out our website, fill in the” request a quote” form or give us a call. Titandor cannot wait to be part of making your home a safer place.

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