The top 2016 trends for your living room

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The top 2016 trends for your living room

2016 is in full swing and there have been some fun and exciting trends for your living room making waves around the world of interior decorating. One of our favourite looks for the year is the dramatic living room. Interior designers are having a lot of fun with big statement pieces, strong colours and lovely, layered textures.

The great news is, you don’t need to completely refurnish your living room to get on trend. A coat of paint and some new accessories will bring the space right up to date quickly and simply.

A golden focal point

Gold is a luxury element in the 2016 living room. Go for something big like a gold mirror frame or clock on the wall. This will create a visual focal point that automatically draws the eye.

Golden focal point trends for your living room

Another way to have fun with this trend is to put a gold coffee table in the centre of the room. Combining the luxury of a golden colour with something so functional will bring a new opulence to the space.

If you want to go a bit smaller on the golden statement, a large pot plant or a group of several in the right colour is a fun accent.

Be dramatic with your colour scheme

In 2016, your living room should go dark – think black and slate with purple or turquoise accents. These colours are incredibly popular right now and make a living room look elegant and sophisticated. The softer purple or turquoise accents then warm up the space and make it inviting.

Dark living room colour scheme - turquoise trends for your living room

When bringing these colours into your living room, use large solid blocks rather than patterns. The walls shouldn’t be too busy or they will detract from your golden statement piece. If you like to include patterns in your designs, then try to use them in small areas and go for prints without too much detail in them.

Play with texture

In order to enhance the sophisticated and luxurious feeling of the room, lots of layers are key. Think shaggy rugs, velvet throw cushions and satin curtains. These different textures are a feast for the senses and will make the room feel very cosy and comfortable.

Layers and textures in your living room - trends for your living room

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Lots of layers also means that you can update your furniture into the latest trend without buying a new lounge suite or even reupholstering what you have. All you need is a nice blanket to cover the couch and match your new colour scheme.

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