Top tools for any DIY project

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Top tools for any DIY project

For anyone wanting to tackle a DIY job around the house or garden, there are some essential tools that are needed to get the job done. Good quality tools do not come cheap, so be prepared to spend a fair amount of money on them. Choose quality over price when it comes to buying tools, so treat each purchase as an investment.

It will be better to save up and buy one good quality tool at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither should your toolbox be!

Good Quality Tape Measure

The biggest mistake people make when they buy a measuring tape is they don’t buy a big enough or a good enough one. If your measuring tape droops after rolling it out only a few cm then opt for one that’s at least 1″ wide. The wider the tape, the longer you’ll be able to stretch it out without it bending. Ensure your tape measure is made from a durable material and includes a hooking function on the end in order for you to be able to measure on your own without having a second person hold the other end for you.


Depending on the type of job you require the saw for, there are different characteristics that define them, including number of teeth, length and material used. As your saw will more than likely be used for an array of different tasks, opt for a multi-purpose saw, such as a crosscut saw. As you grow your tool box, you can invest in saws that offer various specialised roles. Take the time to properly care for your saw, and learn how to correctly make the cutting action in order to achieve the best results.

Glue Gun

The glue gun is a hand held tool into which you feed a solid glue stick. A heating element in the body of the gun melts the glue, and the adhesive flows out the glue gun’s metal, cone-shaped tip. Decide on the type of materials you will mostly be working on, for more delicate surfaces a glue gun of 250 degrees will do the job just fine. Should you need something a little stronger for wood or metal, a higher temperature gun of 380 degrees would work better. Opt for a trigger-free model so that you don’t have to manually feed the glue stick through.

top diy tools

Screwdriver set

Rather than fiddling around with several different screwdrivers, for the various different DIY tasks, invest in a multi-bit screwdriver that comes standard with interchangeable adapters. Look for a screwdriver set that comes complete with carry bag or mini tool bag in order to keep all the bits and pieces in one safe place.

Drill and drill bits

If you’re new to DIY, a cordless power drill with rechargeable battery may be the best for you. They might be a bit less powerful than a drill with a cord and plug, but the advantages are they are lightweight, and a lot easier to handle. Most of them come with a second battery which helps if longer jobs are needed to be done. If you are already an expert DIY guru, then you can go all out with a high power and extra torque of a corded drill. Regardless of the drill you choose, take into consideration: the power rating, hammer action, speed setting and the chuck size.

Claw Hammer

Many claw hammers come as a two piece hammer. This hammer is constructed from a forged steel head with a hole for fixing a handle. One end is made to fit the hole in the hammer head, and a steel wedge is driven into the wood which forces it to expand and secure the hammer head to the handle. Another type of claw hammer is single-piece forged heat-treated steel where the head and handle are integral. In order to decrease vibrations when the hammer is used, opt for one that comes with a polymer grip.


A multi-tool is any one of a range of portable, versatile hand tools that combines several individual functions in a single unit consisting of pliers, saws, scissors, screwdrivers, bottle openers among other tools.

top diy tools

Laser level

In this case the bigger the better. When buying a laser level check the specifications on the box for the accuracy level, and select one that has a reading of less than 1mm. Choose a laser level with a good projection range which is especially important for outdoor projects. If you are using your laser level for both indoor and outdoor DIY projects a rotary laser level receiver will have a bright beam to allow the line to be visible in sunlight. It also works exceptionally well indoors.

Torch or portable light

Not all DIY projects are planned and there will always be an emergency that needs to be fixed in poor lighting or the dark. Make sure you have a handy light on hand, preferably one that can stand on its own or a head lamp. Often small spaces will require you to shine a light on them while working.

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