Trends To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

  • Posted: Aug 09, 2018
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Trends To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Few would argue that whether big or small, the kitchen is the hub of the home and it has increasingly more traffic and usage than any other room in the house. It’s where we cook – have heartfelt conversations – and it’s where we spend the most time, even choosing to entertain here. This is particularly true as space has become a premium and homes are smaller and often open plan. Some would even go so far as to say the dining room is becoming obsolete – and fast being replaced with kitchens islands, counters with barstools and space permitting – small tables are even being installed in kitchens. Recognising this – and the significance of this room and the impact it will have on your property’s resale value, you would do well to be aware of the current trends when you consider renovating your kitchen.

This year is all about timber veneers, bold and contrasting colours, texture, metallics and the ongoing introduction of the industrial chic look – with a chef-vibe. But to update your kitchen style, without the expense of totally ripping everything out and starting from scratch – why not retain the carcasses if still in good shape – and simply change the door fronts.

These cabinet trends are likely to hold ground for some time and will work well when applied to a kitchen door do-over:

Like cars, white will always be a classic palette for kitchens and it’s not going out of style anytime soon. But as people try and imprint their personality on their home – introducing more colour to kitchens can be expected with vibrant colour schemes and pops of colour definitely more common. Blue is the colour of the moment on international shores but locally grey is the new white – from deep dark grey to the cooler shades and grey-beige – there’s 50 shades and 50 good reasons to go grey. There is also a move towards using dark colours, rich deep hues, and classic jewel tones like amethyst, sapphire and emerald on kitchen doors. The sophistication of these colours makes them timeless and a safe bet – safer than a bright orange or hot pink. If you are brave enough, black – considered the ultimate punctuation mark in interior design – can work well in a kitchen when combined with the right balance of light and a broken up with a softer colour. It’s bold and quite grand but best used in small doses. Shiny brass mixed with matte black steel is another discernible trend.

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Two-tone cabinets are another way of updating cabinets without a full overhaul: the idea being to feature upper and lower cabinets in different colours or finishes. This works on doors and drawers too. A white glossy cupboard door can be paired with wooden drawer fronts to mix things up and will inject life and personality on an otherwise flat kitchen. The same is true if you want to add colour to an all wood kitchen. Keep some door fronts in their natural raw state and get a selection of doors painted.

If you like the chef vibe – then stainless steel door and drawer fronts will create that industrial chic feel that’s become increasing popular with the advent of TV shows like Master Chef. But metal isn’t the only finish that’s glossy. If you find steel too cold – consider lacquered door cabinets. The high-gloss mirror-like appearance is chic and truly sophisticated but a word of caution – the glossier the finish the more it will show fingerprints. Regular wiping will be a requirement if you are to keep these cupboards looking brand new.

A Venice Semi-Solid Door – also known as a shaker door – continues to be the most popular choice of kitchen cupboard door – perhaps because it’s ageless and has distinctive yet practical style. This look works in both a natural wood finish and a painted MDF (high-grade chipboard) option with one colour matte finishes remaining popular.

Although door styles with integrated handles – or handless options – is one of the most prevalent choices, this could be changing with a re-emergence of ornate and striking handles. There is also a move towards matching accessories and appliances to the rose golds and copper accents occasionally used in handles which is yet another way for homeowners to personalize their style.

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For those who cannot settle on one style – it’s not uncommon to see the old and new in one kitchen. Modern and traditional side by side in one room can work and when done well, provides interest and character.

Cupboard door fronts need not be understated to be considered sophisticated. Textures, grooves and other shapes can still look modern. Another idea is to introduce mesh inserts to your doors which can work in traditional and contemporary homes and is a means to add further texture, charm and interest.

Another trend on the rise is the introduction of sliding doors on a sliding track / runner. This works exceptionally well when space is tight with little or no room to swing open a traditional door. Good for a pantry door or a cupboard door – it can be made into a feature and even accessorised with studs, paint, and other trimmings.

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Finally according to global research – one third of homeowners report to leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation; changes that include eating more fruits, veggies and preparing more meals at home. All more good reasons to invest in a kitchen makeover. Of course it should be said that trends come and go and not everything that glitters is gold. If you don’t want to revamp on an annual basis – something few can afford – it may be smarter to consider the functionality of your kitchen when revamping rather than what’s currently in vogue. Better yet – strike a balance between form and function.

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