Unusual colour schemes for your bathroom

  • Posted: Mar 15, 2016
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Unusual colour schemes for your bathroom

Over the years, the traditional colour schemes for bathrooms have generally had a white base with touches of another colour. This design idea of accenting a room works very well in a bathroom. However, interior designers have decided that it’s time for a bit of a change.

These bold colour schemes will give you a bathroom that you’ll love.

Pink and black colour schemes

This colour scheme shouts rock star glamour and allows you a lot of freedom to have fun with your decorations. Black mirrored tiles on the wall will give the room a luxurious feel. Add to this feeling with a black carpet and then pink bath mats layered on top.

Teal and light green colour schemes

This combination isn’t seen too often. Inspired by nature, green is a good calming colour to help you relax in your bathroom. The darker teal will then add richness to your bathroom as it’s quite a luxurious colour.

Turquoise and orange colour schemes

Bring back the 60s with this fun and funky colour scheme. Remember, this time period was all about bright colours and layering textures to create an almost overwhelming sensation. Modernise this idea choosing either turquoise or orange as your base colour and then accent with the other.

Gold colour schemes

For a vintage, sophisticated feel, gold is the way to go. Use either black or white as your base colour for the majority of the bathroom. Then add gold in your fittings and fixtures. You can also have metallic finishes in your tiles and any artwork you put in the room.

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