Update your living room on a budget

  • Posted: Aug 28, 2016
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Update your living room on a budget

Interior decorating can be a lot about fashions and these change all the time. Colours go in and out of style, different types of chairs can be on trend for a season, and even the types of fabric you use can determine how fashionable your home is. So what do you do if a space like your living room needs to be updated but you don’t want to fork out for an entire new lounge suite and coffee table? We have some great ideas to help you stay trendy without hurting your budget.

Add a throw to your couch

A couch is a long-term investment and isn’t something that most people can afford to change on a regular basis. The key to keeping your couch current is to start off with a basic fabric choice and stick to a style that suits the rest of your home. This gives you a neutral starting point for fashionable accessories.

Now you can add a beautiful throw or blanket to your couch and arm chairs to give them a trendy spin. In the winter, go for thick, fluffy fabric to give an extra layer of cosy when you’re sitting down in the evenings. Lighter fabrics will work beautifully in summer.

Change up your throw cushions

New throw cushions are another way to bring new life into your living even if you have a tight budget. You can add pops of colour, pattern and different textures all with a few pillows sitting on your chairs.

Make your own cushion covers for living room style

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If there isn’t anything wrong with your current throw pillows but you feel like a change, then think about recovering them. Making covers is reasonably simple and often a lot cheaper than buying entirely new cushions.

It’s also a lot of fun to try out different shapes – hearts, circles, triangles and rectangles. This will add even more dimension and texture to your living room.

Cushion shapes for a fresh living room

Get some new picture frames

Updating your living room walls will definitely keep you on trend and refresh the space. However, you don’t always have to immediately think about actually painting the walls or putting up new wallpaper. Instead, think about what is on the walls in terms of art and photos.

Reframing everything or rearranging the pictures on the wall can bring new life into the room quickly, easily and cheaply. Additionally, you don’t have to spend much on frames. Try going to flea markets or second hand shops to look for old frames that you can refurbish. A bit of sanding and a coat of paint, and you’ll have something that’s completely unique to your home.

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