Want to start an earthworm farm?

Want to start an earthworm farm?

So your are set on going green, and want to reduce your household waste. One of the best ways to reduce your household waste is to get intovermiculture. Vermi what?

Vermiculture is the grand word used to describe worm farming, Red Wiggler earthworms to be specific.

But why earthworms?
Earthworms take waste products and turn it into a useful product – compost. Earthworm castings (basically their excretions) are some of the best and environmentally friendly fertilizers you get. Castings consists of 30% humus the end product of compost and is considered to be five times richer than good topsoil.

If that sounds unhygienic to you … it is a known fact that earthworms neutralize up to 99% of germs in less than 2 hours.

Another byproduct of your earthworm farm is “worm tea” an odorless liquid that seeps through the material that the worms eat.

These handy little helpers will assist you to reduce your weekly household waste by up to 25 percent! Go on start your own earthworm farm and convert your organic waste into food for your plants.

Once you get over the fact that you have worms in your kitchen you will realize the value these little workers have for our environment.

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