Wispeco garage doors by duro

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Wispeco garage doors by duro

Dependability, durability, safety and convenience are what we look for when selecting garage doors for our home. Proud homeowners also seek something that offers all they are looking for in terms of quality and reassurance but that also makes a sleek statement in itself. Enter the Wispeco range of garage doors from Duro, offering a range of options that combine solid strength with ease of use and stately good looks.



Boasting over 60 years in the business, Wispeco by Duro is one of the leaders in garage door and automation products. Years of research and development have resulted in the answer to every property owner’s wish; doors of exceptional quality and strength that are simultaneously sleek and sophisticated.

A proudly South African company

A proudly South African company, Duro also manufactures all products locally to the highest international standards and specifications, ensuring that cutting edge design combines security and durability, whilst also setting your home apart with the addition of a functionally aesthetic feature that also adds real value to your home.

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The Wispeco Roll-A-Door by Duro is quite simply a best seller! Years of technological development have ensured exceptional quality, strength and security – all combined with space saving and attractive features.

The Contemporary and Lux-A-Door are sectional overhead steel garage doors which come dressed in an elegant horizontal pattern design and a range of ‘raised and field’ block designs, accentuated with an embossed wood grain textured finish. This door is stylish in design yet its ‘bone-structure’ retains the rugged strength and durability of steel. Doors can be customized with optional decorative window panels to enhance and personalize your home.

The original Steel Tip-Up Garage Door is manufactured from a range of different steel suited for different applications. Comprising of five panels, each of which has been formed to accommodate one another, the five panels are assembled into a rigid framework with rear struts to provide additional strength.

Duro also supplies top-of-range garage door hardware and automation for all their doors. As automation for their Roll-A-Door, they supply the ever-faithful Slimdrive garage motors – a brand whose reputation is built on its smart, safe and sound features. The automation options for the Contemporary or Lux-A-Door sectional garage doors are the Securalift garage motor – leading products in their sector with regards to technology and design. All of the Wispeco garage door motors are available with or without battery back-up.

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Wispeco Garage Doors

Duro Pressings (Pty) Ltd. Manufacturers and distributors of: Wispeco Garage Doors and Home Automation Products.

010 590 9060 or www.durowin.com

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