Your spring garden

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Your spring garden

If you look around, you’ll see that your garden has started to wake up at last. There are flowers starting to bloom, the bees are buzzing and the butterflies are flitting about. This means that it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your green thumbs ready for your spring garden.

Remove dead mulch for a spring garden

Remove the winter mulch

The first step is to do a little bit of clearing out. During winter, portions of many of your plants will have died off. These dried up branches are likely to still be attached to the plant and should be removed.

Go through all of your flower beds and clear away these dead plants. This will give what is alive more room to grow and flourish now that the warmer weather is coming.

Don’t forget to add these dead branches to your compost heap.

Get weeding

It’s not just the plants you like that will start to grow in abundance in spring. The weeds are also going to work their way out of the ground and into your lawn and flower beds.

If you set to work now and clear as many weeds as possible, you’ll find the task much simpler. Any new growth is far easier to pull out than established plants with deep roots.

Stake taller plants

As soon as the weather starts to get warmer, your plants will kick into growth mode. You’ll often find that September is when your plants and trees do most of their growing upwards and outwards for the year. This is why it’s essential to stake up or tie back your plants to ensure that they grow in the direction you want.

Start now, before the main growth of the year kicks in. This is especially important for trees or tall plants. They can grow so quickly that their stems don’t have time to harden enough in order to hold them up.

This time of year is also a good time to train your creepers and vines. The stems and branches will be supple enough for you to move and manipulate them around trellis or ties.


Things are starting to grow again, which means your plants need new nourishment. With good fertiliser strewn across the lawn, you’ll very quickly undo any damage done by the cold of winter. The same goes for your flower beds.

Another bonus of ensuring that your plants experience good growth in spring is that they’ll be stronger come the heat of summer. This will go a long way to ensuring that your grass stays greener for longer and your plants don’t wilt.

Fertilise your garden to get it ready fro spring

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