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Home Improvement Ideas

Top ideas to keep your family organised

When the whole family is running off in different directions for school, sports, work and social events, it can be difficult to remember everything. We show you a few simple ways to help keep everyone on track and your home a bit more organised.


Turn your home into a Renaissance painting

A Renaissance painting is truly beautiful, and you can get that same sumptuous look and feeling in your home décor. Take a look at our steps for redecorating your home in a Renaissance style.


Knitting for your home

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a whizz with a pair of knitting needles, we’ve got some great ideas you can tackle to make your home cosier this winter.


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Home Improvement Ideas

Give new life to your tiles

Cracks in your tiles can ruin the overall look of your home so quickly. We give you tried and tested methods to fix or replace the damaged tiles, and get your décor looking great again. Read more

Your vegetable garden in autumn

There’s a trick to growing plenty of vegetables in your garden during autumn. Choose the right plants and you’ll have a great crop of fresh options for your kitchen even in the colder weather. Read more

Fresh News

22/04/2016 - 14 top tips for staying warm this winter

As the days grow shorter and the cold weather moves in, we have some great ideas for staying warm, having fun and keeping your social life hopping!

... more

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