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Home Improvement Ideas

Keeping your garden alive during renovations

Don’t let renovations leave your garden looking wilted and tired. With a bit of careful planning, your lawn and flower beds will look right as rain once the builders have finished.


Delicious braai recipes to try this summer

Looking for something new to try at your next braai? Here are four great recipes that give you twists on firm favourites and some exciting new ideas that will wow your guests.


Convert your garage into more living space

Need some extra space for the family in your home? Consider converting your garage into a new bedroom, lounge or sanctuary – it’s often easier than building something completely new.


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Home Improvement Ideas

Growing your garden

I think most of us will agree that the festive season, generally that period from beginning December to mid-January, is one of the most enjoyable time frames of the year. Family, friends and seasonal gatherings are a large part of our lives and we enjoy our holidays to the fullest. Read more

The difference between antiques and old furniture

Don’t get fooled into thinking an old piece of furniture is actually an antique. There are very specific criteria that make an item truly valuable and worth looking after properly. Read more

Fresh News

02/09/2015 - Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo - 20 Years of Exhibition Excellence

The twentieth Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo, which took place from Thursday (27 August) to Sunday (30 August) at the CTICC, was an inspiring event attracting just over 38 000 visitors looking to create, decorate and renovate their homes.

... more

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3 DIY furniture projects to try


It’s really quite satisfying to sit on a chair that you’ve made yourself, or to eat at a table that was crafted by your own hands. However, making furniture can be quite a big project to take on. ... Read more

4 tips for decorating your child’s bedroom


Decorating a child’s bedroom can be a tricky business. It’s important to involve your child in order to allow them some creative say, but you also have to set their expectations so that they don’t go ... Read more

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Art of interior and exterior design. We offer an exciting range of alternative products away from existing forms of décor, to simple, natural living spaces. The widest range of Bamboo products to... Read more

Stan Rio Pipe & Steel

Our display area is an open area where the enthusiasts who want to do it themselves can plan his project using the items on display. Large warehouse facilities give easy access for loading and... Read more


Titandor specialises in the manufacture of custom made retractable and fixed physical security barriers that is designed to fit just about any opening in your home. Unlike the old fashioned welded... Read more

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