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HOMEMAKERS Expo has been bringing home experts and customers face-to-face for over 25 years. The show provides a comprehensive scope of home improvement, design, interior finishing, furniture, textiles, bathrooms, kitchens, DIY and so much more. See, touch, taste, be inspired and stay on top of ever-evolving trends by visiting an annual expo near you.

HOMEMAKERSPublications has grown into the largest publication of it's kind in the country. HOMEMAKERS publishes two magazines that are distributed regionally across South Africa. Firstly, the monthly HOMEMAKERS magazine and secondly, the annual Remodel magazine. Through advertising and editorial content, both magazines provide a place where suppliers and people with an interest in home improvement, home services, home decor and home appliances can meet and learn about the latest trends.

Covering a multitude of mediums and platforms, HOMEMAKERSDigital makes it easier to find an expert than ever before. Find an expert and get special offers by subscribing to HOMEMAKERSMobi, follow us on social media or our blog to keep up to date with us, subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get the latest news sent directly to your inbox or search for an expert in your area on our site. The possiblities are endless.