With the Johannesburg expo only weeks away we are glad to announce our third Designer Spaces Challenge designer.

For the House of Sweet Savannah, Africa is at the centre of all design projects. Owner Cecilia Kapasula, says her design house is about adding a piece of Africa into your life. Through an array of vibrant, bold and bright decorative products, House of Sweet Savannah specialises in exclusivity with their custom-made items. 

The design house has a bespoke décor store, selling items made predominantly out of well-known African fabrics and other materials from all over Africa. Their knack for creating one-of-a-kind décor items lies in their ability to eagerly embrace the various materials. By utilising them in a contemporary, cool way they comfortably fit into any space. House of Sweet Savannah sources fabrics from South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Mali to incorporate into their décor collections. 

Colour Inspiration

Kapasula’s inspiration and love for African prints, also known as “Ankara”, came about during her travels to West Africa. Here she found a rich culture of colourful African clothing and accessories – perfect for African décor trends. Kapasula is passionate about colour. She wants to consciously inject a boost of bright colours into the spaces she works in. Kapasula agrees that there is a growing global interest in all things African. She plans to take their well-known African décor brand to the premium and luxury market.

Designer Spaces

The House

Kapasula makes it clear that the House of Sweet Savannah should not be confused with a fashion house. They are a décor brand through and through. They specialise in products and unique fabrics that are the perfect décor solution for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Designer Spaces

InHabit 2020

As part of our 2020 InHabit expo build-up, we had a chance to ask Kapasula a few questions. She shares her insights with us about 2020 décor trends, where she finds inspiration and what InHabit symbolises to her. 

What does InHabit mean to you?

InHabit represents a special space in my world where I may exercise my creative freedom, with my vision and no limitations. I am extremely excited to get an opportunity to set up and exhibit my home.

What is one thing every South African should invest in when it comes to interior design?

It is of utmost importance to support locally produced décor items. It helps to grow and uplift our economy, our communities and our country. The one item I would encourage every citizen to invest in is a scatter cushion. An African print scatter cushion to be precise as they have to ability to complete and liven up any space.

What are your colour trend predictions for 2020?

I predict a mix of dark and bright colours. Colours like charcoal and rainbow-type hues could be big in 2020. The dark colours will be used to create a backdrop or a focal point. This will allow any bright colour to highlight and brighten any room for a perfect blend.

What is something or someone you always turn to for inspiration?

My family is my inspiration. I find that there is beauty all around me in my everyday life experiences. I am gifted with the ability to draw from people around me, different places I visit and unlimited access to technology which makes it easier for me to expand my horizons.

How do you combine beauty and functionality?

Beauty is a necessity in our lives and we all gravitate towards beautiful things. We aim to create decorative pieces that are bold, vibrant and modern. These offer a welcoming effect, warmth and uplifting feelings, therefore giving an element of surprise.

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