We searched Gauteng far and wide to find 8 designers and decorators who we felt stood up to the Designer Spaces challenge. These designers are encouraged to create a space at the Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo that is inspired by Africa. We chat to Lindiwe Ludonga.

Africa is in the spotlight for everything from fashion and film to visual arts and design. Creating a space inspired by African aesthetics is one way of keeping up with décor trends. African décor and design elements can give your home a warm, sophisticated feel, which essentially inspired this year’s Expo theme, InHabit. 

Lindiwe Ludonga is the founder of Blooming Oaks Inc – an interior décor and design business focusing on space transformation. Her attention to detail has afforded her opportunities in the market for those wanting to transform their spaces and add value to their homes.  Apart from her business, she is a wife, a mother, a student and a property consultant.

We chatted to Lindiwe and asked her a few questions.

What does InHabit mean to you?

InHabit means putting your personal touch to a space. There should be a synergy between your sense of style and what the space can offer you. In essence, it is how you have a relationship with the space you live in.

What is one thing every South African should invest in when it comes to interior design?

A well-made beautiful and comfortable chair to sit on. This could be a couch or an occasional chair. In the morning, it’s a place of meditation before you face all that the day has in store for you. After a long day’s work one needs a place to unwind, chill, refresh and gather up the strength to do it all over again the next day.

What are your interior decorating trend predictions for 2020?

I think people are becoming brave to try new things and are more innovative whilst sticking to their own style. I predict more outsourcing of bespoke furniture, which is great for local designers.

How do you combine beauty and functionality?

Beauty without functionality for me is pointless, so I try by all means to have a balance of the two. It’s not always possible – it really depends on what space one is working with.

What is something or someone you always turn to for inspiration?

Nature is the best inspiration for me. As a designer, I love how everything works together to form a beautiful and perfect picture – from how the sky creates a gorgeous backdrop and how the sun sets in the horizon. This is where my creativity stems from.

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