Joining the collection of experts in the Books and Banter Theatre at Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo is Liz Morris, Editor In Chief of Condé Naste House & Garden South Africa. Ahead of her slot on Sunday, 3 March at 12:00, we caught up with her to ask her three quick questions and get a quick glimpse behind-the-scenes.

As an editor, how do you balance editorial content with advertising content?

I try to make it a creative process. Luckily I have awesome brands advertising with Condé Naste House & Garden (CNHG), so it’s a treat to collab with them to create real, proper editorial content. Paid for content is easy and I think it looks so for the reader, so I try to look for the untold story to tell from a brand which gives them and CNHG a better evolution narrative of the product.

What are the three key things you look for when deciding what makes it into the magazine?

First, I look for a point of view. I look for something be it on 1/3 page or 10 pages that really spikes the zeitgeist about the way we live, the ways and options of how to live, and ALWAYS a high low mix of premium and street style mix because that’s how it works IRL. Trend is nothing without narrative and that story is the story of the place.

What has been the greatest challenge in marrying digital and print media?

They are two different options for a reader but they still need to be brand consistent. They have entirely different production demands. Digital needs to be an adjunct to the print title but the real time version. I don’t like it when the digi team have their own idea of the brand, it feels a bit rogue.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat to us Liz.

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