HOMEMAKERS Expo exhibitor, Alkat-Euroline offers clients high quality and reliable aluminium systems solutions, while providing an impressive variety of products characterized by superior quality, aesthetics, durability and security.

Today, 40 Years later, the industry has led to one of the safest secure window and door aluminium products manufactured with multi lock mechanisms, secure aluminium profiles extruded to be aesthetically pleasing and robust at the same time, laminated glass that impedes quick entry and window and door beading’s that are on the inside as opposed to the outside of the frame which makes their product tamper-proof.

The product is manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory that abides to the strict European environmental protection acts. Certified by the following organisations CE, IFT ROSENHEIM, EKANEAL, QUALICOAT, Q SYSTEMS, TUV RHEINLAND, AAAMSA and SAGGA approved. Providing clients with the knowledge that they have bought excellent quality aluminium doors and windows that conforms to the SANS regulations.

The use of their products in building installations in conjunction with other energy efficient saving materials leads to an approximate 40% saving on electrical consumption with fenestration products contributing up to 22% of that saving.

Euroline’s product eliminates approximately 70% of external noise depending on the glazing specified. The glazing prevents between 70 and 95% of harmful radiation from the sun entering your home. The high standard of manufacturing combined with a high standard of installation makes their product waterproof and dustproof.

Complemented by the immediate after sales technical support. Alkat-Euroline systems constitute an investment for their clients, since they are able to boost any building’s market value.

By using Euroline’s products in your home you have invested in your security, health, energy saving and have added value to your investment.

To learn more about Euroline and their range of products, visit their website: www.euroline-safrica.co.za