This year Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo is putting interior designers to the test with the Designer Spaces Challenge. The designers need to create a living space  inspired by the interior design styles of a country of their choice. The display rooms aim to inspire visitors to include global style in their homes.

We chatted to Lindiwe Ludonga, Business Manager and Head Designer of Blooming Oaks about why she chose South Africa as her inspiration country and her journey into interior design.

How did you get into interior design?

Over 10 years ago I started an events coordination and styling business due to a love for project coordination and management. Initially I was doing events for friends and family. I believed I had a natural ability to coordinate events, transform spaces and bring ideas to life but felt I needed some formal education to help me build up capacity for my passion.

So, I decided to take up a short course with DSSA (Design School of South Africa) where I learned so much from my lecturers and peers about décor and design.

In 2015 after I finished my course, I added interior décor & design to the services that my business offers.

Why did you choose South Africa as your inspiration Country?

I don’t have much experience with living elsewhere in the world. I’ve travelled to other African countries and Europe but don’t believe I can do justice to the culture or style of any other country. South Africa has influences from many other countries due to the diversity of the people who live in it; which makes it quite interesting to portray in terms of design.

What makes the South African interior design style unique?

South Africa is rich with culture due to diversity of its people, flora and fauna. I believe we have an ability to bring the outside indoors while still keeping the integrity of theme of the space.

What is the one piece every South African styled room needs?

Carved wood; whether it be a chandelier, a mirror, cheese board or cake platter with a glass dome.

Why should visitors to Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo visit the Designer Spaces Challenge?

They will find inspiration for their own projects, see new trends to implement in their spaces, discover new technology and techniques in remodelling and discover new service providers that can assist them achieve their décor and design objectives.

Be inspired by Lindiwe’s South African living space and talk to her directly by visiting Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo from 24 – 26 May at Sun Arena, Time Square.