The Designer Spaces Challenge is a brand new feature at Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo. It will put local interior designers to the test, challenging them to create a living space inspired by the interior design styles of a country of their choice. The display rooms are a place to find inspiration from across the globe and ask questions on how to include global style in your home.

You can stand a chance to win R1000 in cash by visiting the Designer Spaces Challenge and voting for your favourite design.

Alysha Craxton of Principia Design will be presenting an Indonesian-inspired design for the Designer Spaces Challenge. We asked her and the team a few questions to find out why she chose this tradition-rich style.

How long have you been an interior designer and how did you get into it?

10 years. I always loved interiors and after travelling through Europe after school decided I would make a career of it.

Why did you choose Indonesia as your inspiration Country, what makes it unique?

Indonesian inspired design is so timeless and rich in history, tradition & culture. It is a very versatile design base to work from and goes well with modern and trendy pieces too. Indonesian pieces tend to be very dramatic and make a huge visual impact without needing to add much more. It is one of my favourite regions to travel and the inspiration and emotions one experiences are bountiful

What is the one piece every Indonesian styled room needs?

Definitely a feature piece such as a wooden carved cupboard, chest or – if budget permits – a beautifully carved Indonesian door.

Why should visitors to Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo visit the Designer Spaces Challenge?

They should visit for a first hand experience into some very different creative works that could inspire them. Every designer will express as much as they can in a small but meaningful space, working with limited budgets to create maximum impact. They will see a mixture of the latest trends and various cultural influences.

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