Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Exhibitor, Profurn put the fun back into furniture with their truly unique designs.

We spoke to owner, Daniel Grobbelaar about his journey to creating truly original furniture pieces.

When and how did your career start?

I’ve always had a love for design. After studying Interior Design, I started working in the wooden production industry. After about 8 years I got the opportunity to start my own business, designing furniture for the individual.

Which Profurn product is your favourite?

My Centiseat, it’s a bench that looks like a worm!

The Centiseat. Photo Supplied.

Where do you find inspiration?

Honestly, I can’t say I find inspiration from one specific source, it various from design to design. It can sometimes be a piece of art, just a random thought or even other designs/designers.

The theme for this year is Raw Comfort, what does Raw Comfort mean to you?

Finding comfort in nature (natural simplistic lines) to the max.

Which item can a home not do without?

Every home needs a dining/kitchen table that brings everyone together.

What advice do you have for homeowners who are looking to redecorate or renovate their homes?

Visit the Homemakers Expo! You will be inspired.

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