This year’s Port Elizabeth HOMEMAKERS Expo strives to make going green and off-the-grid a reality with it’s Sustainable Living zone.

The show highlight area will feature inspiring exhibitors, informative demonstrations and a chance to network with experts in the field of sustainability. The area will guide visitors through easy-to-implement strategies and solutions to make your eco-conscious goals attainable and where food, water and energy is something you make in your own backyard!

Sustainable Living

This feature allows you to explore the world of electric cars, power batteries, waterwise gardening, aquaponics, giant vegetables and water made from pure sunlight! Our focus areas will concentrate on Food, Water and Energy. Showcased within the feature are:

Rubicon SA’s One SOURCE Hydropanels turn sunlight and air into drinking water! See this truly amazing innovation at the show where we will be dishing out a couple bottles of PURE DRINKABLE SUNLIGHT! These hydropanels combines sunlight and air to make, mineralize, and deliver an unlimited supply of drinking water straight to your tap. Every morning when the sun comes up, you can have peace of mind knowing that your water supply is refreshed each day.

Hydropanel sustainable living
Rubicon SA One SOURCE Hydropanel

Bloomingdales Lifestyle Village & Nursery will be presenting useful ways to introduce a vertical garden into your home and tips on how you can create a more water wise garden.

Vertical gardens will be on show at the Port Elizabeth HOMEMAKERS Expo

Get more familiar with the fully-integrated AC battery system TESLA POWERWALL. This system is perfect for residential or light commercial use and provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup. The Powerwall’s electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home or building. It’s revolutionary compact design achieves market-leading energy density and is easy to install, enabling owners to quickly realise the benefits of reliable, clean power.

tesla power wall sustainable living
The Tesla Powerwall presented by Rubicon SA

The greatly anticipated 100% electric Nissan LEAF will be on show too. This revolutionary car takes but also give back to the grid – the Nissan Leaf allows bi-directional energy transfer so when the battery is fully charged and there is additional power required for the home or the grid, the energy from the vehicle can be used to support the home or the grid. See this groundbreaking car on our floor, presented by Rubicon SA.

nissan leaf electric car sustainable living
The Nissan LEAF

Explore the fascinating world of Aquaponics, with demonstrations by Eastern Cape Aquaponics. Learn all about the system where plants, fish and bacteria work together to create an eco-friendly system for growing your own vegetables.

aquaponics sustainable living
Eastern Cape Aquaponics

Thank you to our fantastic feature SPONSOR PARTNERS: Nolans, Belgotex, EC Aquaponics, Rubicon SA, uYilo, Rhino Build and Bloomingdales Lifestyle Village & Nursery.

Sustainable Living Special Offer For Scholars

If you are a scholar and want to explore our sustainable living space, you can enter for ONLY R10 if you attend in SCHOOL UNIFORM.

Port Elizabeth HOMEMAKERS Expo encourages schools to visit this informative area of the show to help enhance their environmental literacy and awareness – giving school kids practical advice for a better, greener future.

Join us at our Sustainable Living zone at the 2018 Port Elizabeth HOMEMAKERS Expo happening 2 – 5 August at the Boardwalk Exhibition Centre.