Best Deck has been in business for over nine years and have become Africa’s leading composite wood company. The company is owned, managed and run by Gary Fisher, Stuart Martin and Justin Irving. Together, the three of them bring almost 100 years of industry-related experience to the table.   

We asked Justin, who owns and manages the Western Cape branch, a few questions. Justin has 30 years of experience in the building industry and is a qualified quantity surveyor with a Master’s Degree in Building Management.  

Best Deck

Is your product environmentally-friendly? If so, how?   

“All Best Deck products are environmentally friendly and made from recycled and reclaimed materials. The material composition of all Best Deck products is 30% plastic (high-density polyethylene) 30% wood fibre and 30% bamboo fibre. He adds “not all composites have bamboo fibre in their composition. Bamboo is a perfect additive for a good functioning composite profile – it is flexible and is also extremely strong, this is what one wants for a good functioning composite wood profile. The 10% balance of the material are the bonding agents and UV stabilisers”.  

What is your speciality?   

“Best Deck is unique in this industry and offers a genuine turn-key supply and install option where the end-user has the peace of mind that their project has been installed by the company who supplies their brand of composite material”, says Justin. This means one company is responsible for the various guarantees and excellent after-sales service. Justin adds “Best Deck is not an installation/contracting company. Best Deck is a supplier of product which encompasses all of Africa”.  

How is composite decking different from other types of decking?   

Justin says composite decking is a scientifically engineered product, and if done correctly with the right recipe for the material composition, then what you get are profiles in various shapes, forms and sizes that are always identical.   

He continues, “Composites are scientifically designed and engineered to handle harsh climatic conditions whether it be extreme heat or extreme cold. Composite products are maintenance-free. They always look good and will hold their value. An alternative is to do your decking, pergolas, balustrades, cladding, gates and screens in timber. Timber is a natural product and all the profile options are far from identical. It must be maintained at least twice a year and ultimately has a shorter life span”.  

How has 2020 changed the way you do business?  

“2020 for Best Deck, like for everybody, is extremely challenging. We have actively used the time to rebuild our website and it has proved to be the catalyst in our current busy schedules despite the trying times. We have been fortunate to grow”. 

For Justin, the HOMEMAKERS Virtual Event is an interesting concept. He says, “a virtual event is a fantastic way to get our brand out to the masses”.  

Contact Best Deck easily via email or visit their website. You can also reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram.   

Not digital? Give them a call on 083 377 3813 or 021 001 2880