Get ready for a kitchen cook off! Watch our buffet of chefs go head-to-head and put their skills to the test as they participate in mystery box challenges. THE KITCHEN THEATRE is a flavoursome feature filled with A-HA moments at this year’s Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo.

We have put together an exciting theatre programme that will make every hour unmissable. In collaboration with SPAR, our line-up of celebrity chefs will fasten their aprons and sharpen their knives as they match wits in mystery box challenge. This kitchen will see it all from the daring to the delicious.

If you are a fan of local Koekedoor and Koekkedoortjie TV celebrities, take a seat inside the theatre. Die Koek Tannie, Mareli Visser will be there as well as the Macaron expert, Corli Botha.


Judith Lee, a wine, food, travel and culinary expert will present two mouth watering Van Loveren wine pairings. Saturday at 16h00 join us for her session on Party in the Mouth and Sunday at 14h30, she will share her pairing on Adventure starts where comfort ends.

Izelle Hoffman opens her Facebook page with the following quote: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~Jim Rohn. Izelle Hoffman is SA’s newest rising star in the culinary industry. She is a conscious foodie and no stranger to television and print media.

Izelle believes that food, the same as culture is an international language and Izelle encourages people from all walks of life to rethink what they put in their bodies in a fun, healthy way.

Pastry fans are in for a treat. Nicolas van der Walt is a world-class pastry chef and co-owner of the FBI Chef school and Patisserie Academy.

Something’s cooking in the theatre with J’Something and David Higgs. These two co-hosts in the famous M-Net series, My Kitchen Rules, will be rolling up their sleeves to compete in a titanic food fight in The Kitchen Theatre at 11h00 on Saturday, 29 September.

Come and meet these celebrity chefs for endless food inspiration and fun! See the full programme of events here.

Our proud theatre sponsors are: SPAR, Van Loveren Wines, SPAR Steak Company, Adams Discount Centre, Lumen Lights and StoneSlab.

A special thank you to our media partner, Jacaranda FM.