We’re still a few months away from the announcement of Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020. That much awaited colour will have influence on trends in everything from fashion and make up to home design. Until then, the who’s-who of the design world are carefully following colour trends around the world to predict which colours will feature next year.

Be a trendsetter by working these six colours into your home as suggested by the trend professionals.

Pink and Purple Tones

As a follow on from this year’s colour of the year, Living Coral, optimistic pink and purple tones are expected to remain popular. Sweet Lavender gives purple a contemporary elegance while Dawn Pink offers a mauve tint. Muted Clay continues the natural trend with its warm, earthy tone.

Paired with modern neutrals, these colours are set to be used for paint, furniture and accessories to create a warmer home. In particular, Dawn pink is expected to become the new gender neutral colour for baby and children’s rooms.

 Trend Colour 

Yellow Tones

Say goodbye to bright yellow and hello to Nugget Gold. This wonderfully rich ochre-based colour again brings in an earthly element to your home while keeping things bright and fun.

You can expect to see Nugget Gold in clothing and children’s rooms in 2020.

Green Tones

Bring a bit more of nature into your home with Mayfly. This mossy, olive green creates warmth and a timeless feel to your home.

Use it as a wall colour, introduce it into your home through small decor items or be daring and try a Mayfly couch. It’s natural tone is sure to make you feel instantly relaxed.

Trends Mayfly

Blue Tones

Aligning with the 2020 Olympic emblem colour, energetic French Blue is expected to feature heavily next year. Blue tones are known for creating a feeling of calm in any room.

French Blue is ideal for children’s bedrooms or as an accent colour in neutral rooms.

Trends French Blue

Set the Trends

The wait for December when we will find out what the official colour of the year is, is on. Judging from these trends we can expect a colour that is linked to nature and sustainability in some way. These six colours give you a head start on which colours to try out in your home.

Mix and match them, see how they are transformed as the light changes throughout the day and see which one matches your personal style. In the end, trends may connect us but it your personal touches that will make the trend really come to life.

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