There are many reasons to switch to solar power. Helping shed a little light on the subject is Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo exhibitor, Synergy Energy. They’re suppliers and installers of quality PV solar system. Get to know why we should use solar energy.

Energy from the sun is free and the sun will continue to shine for billions of years to come. While solar energy is inexhaustible and renewable, its irradiance is environment-friendly. The solar power system does not emit CO2, which is environmentally damaging. In addition, silicon, the raw material in making solar cells, is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust. Since the solar industry has been developing and the technology is maturing, the PV power systems are efficient for both commercial and residential use. The price of PV systems is also more affordable now due to recent price cuts.

In contrast, fossil fuels, as our main sources of energy, are depleting. Our high dependence on fossil fuels is inevitably going to push up their prices continuously until they are used up. Fossil fuels are non renewable and environmentally damaging. Recent climate change is in part a consequence from the increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere caused by burning fossil fuels.

Therefore, it is essential for us to seek alternative renewable energy resources for guaranteed energy supply and environmental protection.

Solar is the answer.

Grid-tied solar PV Systems

90% of solar systems installed on peoples homes are what’s known as grid tied systems. These grid tied systems allow you to take advantage of the free electricity you create from the solar PV system as well as the electric grid. This gives you much more flexibility, since you are not reliant on the sun shining to allow you to use electricity – you can use as much electricity as you want at any time.

Any shortfall in supply from the solar PV array can be met by additional electricity supplied via the grid, but there is also the added benefit of being able to sell any surplus back to the grid were you are aloud to. In essence, a grid tied system will go someway to reducing your dependence on Eskom, and also give you some money savings (obviously any electricity supplied from the grid needs to be paid for), but will give you the comfort of 100% supply from the grid if something were to go wrong. These systems are also simple to install and are less problematic than other types of solar PV installation due to their lack of batteries.

Grid tied solar PV installations have become incredibly popular in South Africa recently due to the increase in electricity prices (guaranteed for 25 years from the date of installation).

solar energy

Off grid/Island solar PV systems

Producing 100% of your own electricity in a clean and sustainable manner is the dream scenario for many people; the thought of never paying another electricity bill, and never suffering from grid blackouts is obviously a very attractive proposition.

However an off-grid system does not need to be this sophisticated and grand in scale, it can simply power a light in your garden shed, or a water fountain in your garden. For this reason, the off- grid installations are in fact the most common type of solar installation across the globe, providing electricity to any isolated location, normally where no other electricity source is readily available.

The disadvantage is that you essentially become the utility company, so any costly repairs fall under your remit. If there is a problem with your supply for any reason, you will not have electricity. Solar power is also an intermittent source (not producing power 100% of the time), so if you need electricity during the night (for lights in your house etc.) you will need to install batteries within your system, that enable you to store energy during the day and use this when you are not producing.

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