The young designers from the University of Johannesburg’ s Industrial Design Department will once again take up a special Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Challenge.

Sponsored by Vermont Sales, the challenge for this year is to design products that change and improve they way people live in their homes. A selection of the top products will be on display at the show where the winning design will be chosen. You can expect to see innovating products such as smart water tanks, tech-savvy kitchen sinks and taps, home organisers and AI assistants, smart kitchenware and smart tools. 

You can see the following designs at the show:

Amukelani mathebula: Festool Insink Smart Sink Plug
Arnold Raaths: Wedgit Smart Water Collection Tank
Grant Tinney: Stayer SC 01
James Fowler: Pannecook
Katlego Madumo: V56 Smart Hedge Trimmer
Kenneth Motswi: WEDGIT Smart Automower
Loubser Meyer: Triton mt101 – smart combination saw
Adrian Du Bruyn: Smart Pro Welder
Michal Shushan: Festool smart automatic food stirrer
Mikhayla Peterson: Bondhus Smart tap
Natalie Selibas: BinList
Philip Robbertse: Festool Home Assistant
Siya Konzani: Festool Smart Box
Gugulehtu Mbuli: Automated Pest Dispenser