Deck Design Inspiration

  • Posted: Nov 13, 2019
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Deck Design Inspiration

Deck designs are endless. To give you some inspiration for your ideal outdoor living space, we have selected a few of the latest trends in deck design to share with you. From basic shapes to intricately designed sections your deck design can be as simple or as complex as you like.

In recent years many trends in deck designs and outdoor living have caught our attention. We are sharing a few of our favourites to give you all the deck design inspiration you need.

Curve Appeal

It has become quite popular for DIY-ers and deck builders to incorporate curved shapes and lines into their deck designs. The use of curved decks are to compliment the lines in your home or garden. Curved decks range from circular designs to interesting shapes replicating nature. Curved decks can be a demanding task to take on, and composite decking makes a curved deck easier to achieve, as the boards can be bent after heating. This cannot be done with wood or aluminium decking.

Level Play

Multi-level decks are a great way to create a sense of depth in your outdoor living area. Incorporating decks with different heights are creative and eye-catching. This type of deck is also great when you are creating a functional space like your braai area, where for example you have an area for watching TV in a small raised section and an area for hangouts in a lowered area.

In and Out

Fusing your indoor and outdoor spaces have become very trendy. Decks that are designed in such a way allows you to move freely between the two spaces. It is also great when you don’t want to miss out on any views and a constant rush of fresh air into your home. Many homeowners desire a visual tie between indoors and outdoors and this type of deck is perfect for that.

Colour Love

Composite decking allows you to get creative and design visually appealing decks that are one-of-a-kind. Composite decking allows you to install a row of darker boards around the edge of a light coloured deck, to serve as a frame. It’s also a great idea to use this concept if you want to highlight certain areas on your deck, especially areas with cutouts for vegetation.

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