If you can’t stand the heat, use these hacks

  • Posted: Nov 28, 2018
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If you can’t stand the heat, use these hacks

Summer is here and that means wonderfully, and sometimes unbearably, hot temperatures. To survive the heat without the exorbitant electricity bill, here are ten simple home cooling hacks.

Keep the heat out

It’s as simple as closing the curtains, blinds and doors.  This makes your house cooler by simply keeping the sun’s rays out.

Keep the cool in

Closing the doors of rooms you’re not using allows cool air to not be rerouted into unused space and away from where you are.

Change direction

Setting your fan to rotate counter-clockwise lets it pull hot air up instead of blowing it in circles.

Create a cool breeze

Place a bowl of ice or an icepack in front of a floor fan for an instant extra cool, sea-like breeze.

Change your sheets

Swop out thick bedding for cooler options such as cotton and silk. These materials are far more breathable, therefore are able to keep you cooler. For really hot nights freeze a water bottle and put it at your feet or lightly dampen your sheets with cool water to help you cool down.

Throw shade

While plants such as cacti remove humidity from the air indoors, planting trees or vines near light facing windows helps block out the sun’s rays. You can also opt for less natural options such as awnings which will also reduce the amount of heat your house absorbs.

Braai more

Using the stove and oven generates more heat in your house. Hot summer evenings are the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and put your braai and outdoor furniture to good use.

Create airflow

Make sure your furniture isn’t blocking any vital airflow and move it if it is. This will ensure that air moves through your home freely and lower the overall temperature.

Do the washing later

Keep the use of your washing machine and tumble dryer during the day to a minimum. These machines increase indoor humidity in turn make your house hotter.

Shed some light

Using incandescent bulbs not only use more electricity but emit far more heat during use than LED and CFL (energy savers). Ninety percent of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs goes to producing heat not light. Changing to LED or CFL bulbs will therefore make your house a little cooler and save you money in the long run.


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