The Advantages of Thatching

  • Posted: Dec 08, 2019
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The Advantages of Thatching

There are many reasons to choose thatching. From its traditional feel to its eco-friendly contributions, thatching is a trendy, natural style of roofing. South African’s are very familiar with the thatched or iconic lapa-style roof. In the United Kingdom, country homes also showcase this style of roofing and it has been a cost-effective method of roofing for centuries. Considered one of the oldest types of roofing, we share the advantages of thatching below.

Low Maintenance

Professionally laid thatch can be maintenance-free for many years. Thatch is used as a low-cost form of roofing in many developing countries. It is also used in exotic, warm climates for aesthetic purposes and convenience. Birds looking for nesting materials can destroy thatch quite quickly. This can destroy your roof within a year after installation. A well maintained thatched roof is extremely durable and could last between 10 and 25 years.

Versatile and Affordable

There is a certain charm that goes with a traditional thatched roof. This renewable and sustainable method is affordable and versatile. Whether you are choosing thatch for your home, garden or splurging on a beach gazebo at your holiday home, the versatility of the thatch means it can be used for various types of buildings. It is a popular option for people who are looking for a rustic feel and aesthetic. 

Excellent Insulation

The excellent insulation qualities of thatch ensures that you won’t need any additional insulation. A well-built thatched roof is naturally waterproof and environmentally friendly. Because thatch is a natural insulator it keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter – which will save you money in the long run.

A thatched roof will not only give you the benefits listed above, it will also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. Experience the true meaning of organic living with a thatch. Find a thatching expert in HOMEMAKERS today!

Cover Image: Silver Bay Villa