The Ultimate Monthly Home Maintenance Guide

  • Posted: Nov 28, 2018
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The Ultimate Monthly Home Maintenance Guide

Becoming a homeowner is always exciting. Making sure that your home remains in good condition can take time. Use this simple maintenance guide to keep up with regular maintenance and avoid the most common maintenance issues.

Although we’ve tried to keep this guide as simple as possible, it is always best to seek professional help if you are unsure. Find a range of home lifestyle professionals here.



Assess possible insect issues. Clear cobwebs and prepare your insect repellent measures.

Check, clean and repair patios and decks. Ensure that it is sealed properly, check for loose boards, insect infestations, cracks and that the railing is secured.


Check for cracks, blisters, bubbles and peeling paint, especially on exterior walls. Look out for water stains, moisture and damp in walls and ceiling.


Remove sediment and prolong your geyser or water heaters life by flushing it.

Service fireplaces/built-in braais and clean chimneys.



Check paving for cracks.

Check windows and door seals, replace broken or cracked panes of glass and apply new putty where necessary.


Check batteries and test smoke/ carbon dioxide detectors.


Prevent grime and build up in less frequently used spaces such as guest bathrooms by running water and flushing toilets.




Check that power outlets, switches and light bulbs work.


Check window and door handles and locks are in working order.


Clean build-up residue in shower heads.



Clear gutters of leaves and debris to ensure proper water flow. Make sure gutters are properly secured and connected allowing water to flow away from the house. 

Check for roof leaks and damaged roof tiles.


Check and fill wall, ceiling and foundation cracks.

Clear dead plants and shrubs, check that plants are not growing into cracks and trim trees where necessary.


Check the grout in bathrooms and kitchens.

Check for small leaks in plumbing and taps.

Every Month

Check, clean and if necessary change air conditioning filters.

Clean sink disposal using vinegar ice cubes (this cleans the disposal and sharpens the blades).

Clean stove extractor fan filter with degreaser and hot water.

Twice a Year

Test geyser or other water heater pressure relief valve.

Do a deep clean: Thoroughly clean appliances, windows and surfaces.

Vacuum refrigerator coils. Dirty coils cause fridges to run less efficiently and use more electricity.

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