Choosing an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

  • Posted: Sep 17, 2019
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Choosing an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Whether it’s in your car, home or office, an air conditioner is a welcome respite from the summer heat. As technology has developed so has the way air conditioners are made, providing more environmentally friendly options for cooling down on hot days.

If you are looking at upgrading or getting a new aircon this summer, here are three things to help you make the best choice for your pocket and the environment.

Air Conditioner Size

Picking the correct size air conditioner for your room is step one to getting the best results. Air conditioner size is measured in terms of cooling capacity, which is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). A simple calculation to work out the best unit size is to work out the square meterage of the room and multiply that by 500. For example, an 18m2  room will require a 9 000 BTU air conditioning unit (18m2 X 500 = 9 000 BTU).

If your aircon is too small, it will have to constantly run as it struggles to keep the room cool. If it is too big, it will cool the room too quickly and turn on intermittently without removing removing moisture so the room will still feel clammy. In both cases you will end up using more energy than necessary. 

Energy Efficienct Air Conditioner

Energy efficiency goes beyond your personal electricity bill every month. As South Africa regularly struggles to produce enough electricity, being conscious of your overall electricity usage is a way to help alleviate pressure on the electricity grid.

When buying a new air conditioner check its Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), this is usually indicated by a sticker on the front of the unit. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient it is and the less it will cost to run.

Opting for an aircon with inverter technology, where the unit maintains a constant ambient temperature without having to turn on and off constantly also saves energy. Inverter units also run more quietly.

Keeping the aircon temperature between 18oC and 22oC or no more than 10oC below the ambient temperature will also reduce energy consumption. This temperature range is generally the most energy efficient.


Help your air conditioner to keep your home cool by correctly insulating your home. Put insulation in your ceiling and seal windows and doors to keep the cool in during summer and heat in during winter. Keeping windows and doors closed will help keep the temperature constant.

Choosing an air conditioner that works efficiently for your home will home is kept perfectly cool while saving you costs. An energy efficient air conditioning unit will also ensure the environment is better looked after while you stay comfortable through the hot summer days.

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